1001 free courses with certificates

Yes you heard it right, 1001 free courses with free certificates are for you to learn, enjoy and boost your career. The courses have been shown to boost confidence and give people the skills they need to go to college and do well there.

You can take an course on many different topics. Some are based on lessons from the Open University. Some of them were written just for them.

Domains of courses

  1. Health, sports and pyscology
  2. Education and Developement
  3. History and the arts
  4. Languages
  5. Money and Business
  6. Nature and Environment
  7. Science, Maths.
  8. Technology
  9. Society, Polity and Law

Level of courses

  1. Basic
  2. Intermediate
  3. Advanced

Your digital badge will be accompanied with a complimentary declaration of participation after completing our free courses (if the course offers one).
The certificate of participation can be printed or emailed to show that you completed a course. An interest in a subject or a commitment to a career can be shown by submitting a thesis or dissertation.

Here is the link for the website providing all this without any cost.

Here are some of the icons that have their unique meaning. You would get these while pusuing any cousre.

1001 free courses with free certificates

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