Shortcuts make life easier and also there are many basic features that everyone needs to know so as to make their life easier. You can also help others to do some
computer tasks with the help of these. For example, you can magnify screen for old age people, who have week eyesight.

So there are the following shortcuts mentioned –

1. windows key————————-> open ups start menu

2. windows key+R———————>opens Run menu and below are run shortcuts(3,4,5)——————->opens all the services being run at the background

4.cmd———————————-> opens up a command prompt

5.notepad———————–>opens up notepad

6.Alt+tab——————-——————>switch different opened tabs key+D——————–>Directly toggle to desktop from the opened screen key+ ‘+’————>Magnifies In key+ ‘-‘———->Magnifies Out

Any Browser shortcuts.

10. Ctrl+J————————————->opens up download windows

11. Ctrl+F————————————->opens find bar

12. F11 key———————————–> Make Full screen

13. Ctrl+ ‘+’/’-‘———————————>Zoom In/Out

14. alt+ back arrow—————————> previously opened search result of a tab

15.Ctrl+’0′(zero)——————————>switch to default zoom

Please tell us your keyboard shortcut which you find useful and you don’t know before,in the comments section below, Mine is 14th one, its simply cool !

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