150 free online courses with certificates in all domains

Certificates are needed in all the domains to get a good job or for pursuing higher studies. Certificates are a mark to show the skills and get differentiated from others. There are many ways to get IT free courses with certificates. But, in other domains like management, courses are either less or paid for certificates. But, here we bring to you free online courses with certification in all the domains.

Certification Domains

  1. Art History
  2. Biology
  3. Business Administration
  4. Chemistry
  5. Communication
  6. Computer Science
  7. Economics
  8. English
  9. Geography
  10. History
  11. Personality development
  12. Psychology

These courses are fully free of cost and the certificate is also free of cost. You have to give a small quiz to get a certificate. You can fail and give the test an unlimited number of times. These courses are of really good quality and would teach you to the fullest.

For students preparing or pursuing MBA, certifications are really needed to get an internship first. As for the internship selection process, only a few candidates are shortlisted for interviews and the majority of the time companies shortlist just on the basis of a Resume. You can confirm this thing from your seniors too. So, if you enrol in either 2 of these courses your profile would be boosted. If you would be shortlisted for interviews then only you can do well in interviews. So, the tip for MBA students in does certifications. Even students with no experience get an edge after certification in various management domains.

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150 free online courses with certifications

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