200 free online courses with certificates

Knowledge is important, no doubt in that. But, in job interviews, college entrance interviews like that of MBA, PGDM, IELTS and other certifications are also important to show in Resume or your profile. If you have both skills and certificates then you would definitely get an edge over others and…

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Libertine- Vocabulary Trick(English)

Meaning of libertine – any person who indulges in sensual pleasures without any regard to moral principles freely. Synonym of libertine– Adulteror. Antonym of libertine – saint. Trick – Libertine sounds like liber teen. The teenagers which are given unlimited liberty(free to do anything) becomes libertine and do bad/unsocietal work. So libertine means…

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Strife- Vocabulary Trick(English)

Meaning of strife- bitter conflict. Synonym of strife- discord. Antonym of strife - concord. Trick - Strife sounds like strong wife. When a wife is strong, mostly conflicts arise between husband and wife. So strife means bitter conflicts. Return to homepage

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Strengths and weaknesses for Interviews

In any kind of Interview, the question which is surely asked by interviewers is What are your Strengths and weaknesses, the best answer is to give a genuine answer, what you feel. Strength, no doubt can be clearly identified but remember, the interviewer may ask about instances when you showed…

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CAT Frequently Asked Questions 2020

Question -Is calculator allowed in CAT exam Answer -No, physical calculator is not allowed in the exam. However, you would get an on-screen calculator Question -Is their any age criteria for CAT exam? Answer -No their is no age criteria for CAT exam. Question -What is the fees for CAT exam registration?…

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How to prepare for cat without coaching

A very common common question with uncommon answer, How to prepare for CAT without coaching? Is this even possible? The answer is yes. CAT is an easy level exam which does not require coaching like IIT JEE which are tough level exams, Now, we discuss the strategy to crack CAT…

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Strategy to analyze CAT mocks

Mocks are an integral part of CAT preparation. Mocks are not just tests to check performance but they are useful to improve performance. Without giving mocks, it become almost impossible to dream for good IIMs. Buying test series from any good institute is fine, rest depends on your strategy to…

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CAT Syllabus

Over 2 lakh candidates fill the CAT form and write the exam for getting admission in various IIMs and more than 100s of other B Schools. The CAT exam is held once a year only in November mostly. Candidates can give the CAT exam any number of times. This is…

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