PCM or PCB after 10th class( smart selection )

stream selection after 10th class.

Career means future work. Make your goal and start working for your goal from the very initial time so as to achieve success. Students are going to spend a lot of time in this career game, so they should be very well aware of the scenario. But often students are confused about which career to choose from. Basically, they have to choose their courses after 10th class depending on that only. There are mainly 3 popular streams

  1. PCM(Physics, Chemistry, Maths)
  2. PCB(Physics, Chemistry, Biology)
  3. Commerce

    One additional stream is Arts which is not very popular nowadays. A student pursuing commerce can not opt for Engineering or other subjects which involve Physics, Chemistry after completing the 12th class. On the other hand, PCM students can opt for majorly all commerce courses like CA, CFS, B.Com, BBA, etc. So, if you are not sure about your future, you can take the science stream(PCM) and later change and switch to the commerce field. PCB(Physics, Chemistry, Maths) is also a good option for students interested in becoming doctors or other fields related to Biology(The study of the body). With PCB, in the absence of Maths, one can not opt for major maths requiring courses like CA, Engineering, and other such stuff.

    So it’s better to choose your career or at least have a basic idea of the field where you want to before getting into any stream. Also, many schools in India do not allow students with low marks in the 10th standard to opt for the Science stream. Although this is not a rule by any board, still schools are doing it, and one has to follow them. So if one has to take PCM and PCB, it is better to score around 90 or greater percentage in 10th standard so that no authority can stop one to opt for any stream.

    Our website would give you full details regarding available career options to decide what exactly looks good from your perspective. Generally, students choose a stream they are not interested in because of their parents’ pressure, and after years it becomes quite difficult to earn money in that field of no interest. So getting in the field of one’s choice is already necessary and preferred until and unless you are only concerned with the money perspective. So one should research some career options and consult people who are already working in it to get a basic idea.

Hope you liked the article “Courses after 10th class(smart selection”. You can comment below for any doubt.

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