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Google is the best company nowadays in terms of the internet. Many people even think that Google is the internet. Although, it is not true by fact still thinking deeply we can say that in terms of the internet no company performs as Google. Google is famous worldwide. Not just the google search engine we use every day, but the android phones we use, the full software is provided by Google. No one in any part of the world can deny any certification from Google. If someone gets a certificate from a company like Google, even other big companies give it a good weightage and prefer the candidates with the certificate over other candidates. Google certificate means getting a free certificate from God.

free courses with certificates

So, here we are happy to make your career strong by telling you the information about the Google course. The course is titled Fundamentals of Digital Marketing. Not just the certification, this course would make you self sufficient to make your own business website or blog for earning from Internet. The course is fully free with a free certificate. One should regularly check our website for free certification courses from top companies. Last time we posted free certification courses from Accenture.

Digital marketing is basically doing marketing in a digital way ( using electronic media ). It does not mean that only companies would require digital marketing to reach to its audience. There are thousands of ways of earning money through digital marketing. By making your own website and providing useful content to your audience, you may also earn lakhs. It is not an easy task. Proper information from organisations like Google may help you a lot to earn lakhs of money per month through digital marketing and without doing the job. The constraint is you should give time and focus to learn.

The Google free course can be accessed here.

If you missed getting the free certificate from Accenture, you can access it from here.

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