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Today skill is the most important thing. So, if you are in college and getting good grades then it is a good thing but when you will go for the job then the most important thing would be your skill and your resume. So, you should have some skills to be shown in your resume but others would also show the same. To get different from others you have to do some certifications. The certifications matter if they are done from famous Institutes or organizations in your country.

 Even if you don’t have certifications but have the practical skills which are required in the industry you would be at advantage and can crack interviews easily but this is not given in colleges. You would have to perform as well in the interview and you can crack interviews of big organizations even without having certifications to show but practical skill is important.

So here we bring 1000s  of free courses from big organizations like Microsoft, IBM  and top universities like Harvard Edinburgh, University of Minnesota and more. These courses are absolutely free to pursue and certifications have some minimal fees and is optional to have it. The minimal fess is because these are from Top institutes and organizations. These are around 3500 in number currently. These courses are of almost all domains one can think of.

The list of domains for your convenience.

free edx courses

Top skills like Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Game development, coding, Psychology, diet etc. are also available for free. So, it is a win situation for people of all domains. Engineering students can also get courses for their placements that require practical knowledge.

 So,  you can learn the practical skills required in the organization’s from these courses without paying anything.  Here is the link for the same these courses are from different domains.

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