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A majority of students start preparing for MBA, just because their friends are doing it. They came to know from relatives of the high packages after MBA or they themselves see managers doing less work and enjoying, so they wish to pursue MBA. But, things are still not clear for many of them. Many students realise this after preparing for MBA when they came to know the full information. Many times students start MBA and after that, they feel very bad about it doing. At that time they have no option but to continue as already a lot of fees is paid. So, here we felt the need to guide such students through MBA counselling. You may wish to participate if you have one or more of the below questions hidden in the core of your heart.

free mba counselling india

Are you not sure, whether you should do MBA or not?

Don’t you know what will happen during MBA?

Don’t know what would happen after MBA?

Don’t know about work after MBA?

Don’t know about how to prepare?

Dont’ know whether MBA or anything else?

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We may have zoom( online session), if you need one.

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