How to improve brain and memory(5 steps)

The brain is the most powerful organ of our body. With proper usage of the brain, one may become successful in life. We just need to improve our memory. Brain and memory One may become rich from poor. The brain is the physical part of the body that is divided into 3 parts Hindbrain, Midbrain, Forebrain. Memory is the non-physical part that we can not touch like the software but exists. Both the terms brain and memory are interchangeably used here. One may become happy from a sad life. Everything is our brain. God has given the brain to all human being but still, some use it and some not. Improving our brainpower is in our control. We can follow these steps so as to make our brain more powerful.

brain parts with different functions

Perform exercises – For improving you brain , you should do regular exercises. Exercises make your blood flow in your brain and also to the other body parts, as a result you will become healthy, mentally as well as physically. Henceforth, your mind would become stronger. Practising half hour exercises daily, would make you brain power superior to others.

Yoga – There are various yogas which are specially designed for brain improvement. Anulom Vilom is the best pranayam for this purpose. It helps to sync different parts of the brain, as a result, both the left and right portion of our mind become synced and the concentration is improved. Also, regular performance of yoga leads to a healthy brain in the long run. There are various exercises for brainpower improvement under yoga.

Play brain games – Playing games may sometimes be dangerous for our health. But, their are certain games which are specially designed to improve brain power. Playing them in limit may help you to grow your brain. You can search in play store or stores of other operating systems. Remember, spending a lot of time on mobile, decreases the efficiency of our brain.

Eat healthy food – Healthy fruits and salads help to improve your brain power. On the other hand, junk food like cold drinks, burgers, pizzaas may lead to inefficiencies in the brain. Although this process is slow, but in the long term, this would be beneficial. You can also take ashvganda( a powerful natural medicine to improve brain) to improve brain very fast.

brain animation

Water – 70% of our body is composed of water, so is the brain. If you take water after every hour, not only your kidneys but also you brain would become pure. Clean and pure water also effects our brain in a positive way. Pure brain would generate pure and healthy thoughts. These thoughts would help you achieve your goals.

Wake up early – Waking up early gives you more cosmic power. The cosmic power is the same power that people heard of the law of attraction. The law of attraction is basically if you think positive that would happen and vice versa. Some people can find it more useful some less this is because some have less cosmic power some has more. This power is most in Yogis which do meditation full days.

Meditation – As told in the above paragraph, meditation also increases your cosmic energy and whatever you wish, the probability of happening that would increase. If you think your brain is improving it would improve automatically if you have cosmic energy.

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