How to score good marks in Engineering

( Indraprastha university or any other university in India)

Getting good marks in engineering is always a dream for the majority of students. Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University(GGSIPU) commonly known as IPU is a very famous university in Delhi which is managed by the Delhi government. Still, it has both private as well as government colleges affiliated to it. All the colleges are located only in Delhi. The entrance exam is conducted separately for the university by themselves. Now I am going to tell you some tricks to score good marks in ipu and other universities from the experience of students who have given university exams for 4 years.

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The tricks to score good marks are as follows:-

1. Do not leave any question blank, if you don’t know the answer. Just write something relevant to the topic or the subject. There are quite good chances that you would score 25% to 50% marks in the exam. More often, for FAs, the sheets are shown. Therefore, the checking is done carefully. While, during final exams (SA) checking, teachers are in a hurry to check the sheets as they are paid money according to the per sheet process.

2. Don’t write in paragraphs. Instead, try to write in points. The teacher would be able to read it in a better way. No one likes to read in a big paragraph. You will definitely score at least 5 marks more in one subject per exam. Therefore, your overall percentage would increase suddenly.

3. If you are not attending classes and not able to understand some topics, you should refer to youtube or the internet for this. Also, Unacademy provides many free lectures for engineering students. Above all, there are plenty of useful resources available on the internet.

4. No need to waste time reading the whole book. Instead, notes are generally available in photocopy shops of these colleges. Above all, teachers make these notes. Take these notes and start reading those notes. Your mind will automatically grasp concepts and you will get good marks in engineering.

5. Study with full focus is the key, it’s not how many hours you study, it is studying with the focus for 2-3 hours daily and you would score more than 80% in engineering.

6. If you don’t find any notes with a particular subject or topic, you can also download the book as given in your syllabus from the internet. Just it would take some time but still, you will get the pdf of the majority of the books listed. You can also issue these books from the college library if you find it comfortable to read offline, without using screens.


All these methods if followed but carefully, you would obviously score in the range of 80-90% in the university exams. However, if you want to score more than 90% marks, you would have to study thoroughly.

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  1. Shambhavi Arora

    I implemented the strategy this semester. It is really amazing. I scored much more than previous semesters by following this. Thank you.

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