How to score more in the VARC CAT

I am an IIM C Alumni. I am sharing my experience of how I improved myself in the section – VARC CAT. In March, I purchased mocks to check my performance. I was doing poorly. I was an engineer and good in Maths but could not cope with English as normally engineers do. Surprisingly, in the first 3 mocks, I scored less than 50 percentile. So what I did that I improved so much? Let’s see

how to score good marks in varc section of CAT

1. I spent a lot of time analyzing comprehension. I mean after giving mocks, I picked up one passage and start researching on it, so that I could find all relevant information related to it. So I would be familiar with similar kinds of passages. I did it for every passage in the mocks.

2. I stopped reading the newspaper. Although a newspaper is a good source of information but still, every time I read it, I felt demotivated with negative news. So I just focused on mocks.

3. I usually attempted that mocks, which provides video solutions along with text solutions. I was able to think logically by following how teachers did in mocks.

4. I was tight in my schedule, and I was strictly analyzing 2 passages in a day. I was not using social media much, which I felt improved my patience and ability to think.

5. My performance improved after my goal was clear for an MBA. Initially, I was confused by myself if I should do it or not.

6. I was doing yoga and pranayama daily, which improved my focus and I became confident that I can do it.

7. I had a backup plan. Surprisingly, it reduced my anxiety up to a certain level and I was doing much better.

8. Daily, I tried to improve my vocabulary by 4-5 words, so it became much easy to understand the passages.

9. I focused on reading comprehension, and I kept para jumbles, and other thinks as an option. I mean they are more difficult as either they are without options or still hard to crack for most of us. So I was like attempting passages and only easy part of remaining questions in the Verbal Ability section.

10. I was learning verbal ability tricks from Unacademy free lectures at that time. (I don’t know it’s free now or not)

Hope you find my experience helpful. You may comment for any further doubt.

This article is contributed by Anil Saha

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