IIM Calcutta(IIM C) interview experiences 2021

IIM C 2021
Panel 5, Slot: 10:15 AM, Interview started at 11:10, over by 11:20

Started off with casual hi-hello and then they asked to tell something about myself.

P1: So do you like Computer Science?
Me: Yes
P1: Why management then?
Me: Told how I worked in Product Support and wanted to move into Prod Man and how MBA helps me
P1: Which is your favourite subject?
Me: Computer Network
P1: What is 7 layers of networking?
Me: Explained completely
P1: Why was it made?
Me: (Didn’t really know why) It makes it easier to understand and compartmentalizes things
P1: Okay I’m done, asks P2 if he has any questions
P2: Tell me about regulating FB, Twitter etc
Me: Spoke about PDP bill, how they are regulated in EU
P2: Let’s talk about India. Do you think what the govt is asking Twitter to do, is it legal?
Me: Told a little about that. Said Twitter isn’t bound to do whatever the government asks.

Then they were like we’re done. Asked me a bit about if I had any technical problems or not with the whole interview process. I said no. They were like okay, thank you.

iim c interview experience 2021

Interview exp

2 male professors
Post greetings one person asked me how comfortable I’m with maths
I said I like playing with numbers
Asked me around 5 questions related to arithmetic mean, which went well
A lame equation on cos and sine with 4 terms adding up to 5 ..asked me to solve it but I took 30 odd seconds which were meaningless..but did say no finally and explained
Also asked a question that what if we continuosly take cube root of a positive number, where will it tend. I was a noob to say that I’m not sure but it might tend to 0 (the answer as I check now is 1)

Also the other guy asked questions about my home town and my birthplace
(A question for Mumbai peeps, why is Fort called Fort?)
Two name related questions too were asked
Asked me to give 2 positives and 2 negatives regarding the budget..and how do u think we can increase the income of the country

That’s it, no academic questions, no hobby related questions.

All the best!
Y’all will rock!

Panel 2 11:35 am | 1 male prof 1 female prof

Q1. What are you doing now? (Since I took time off for civil services)
Ans. Presented my case

Q2. When did you leave your job?

Q3. Why did you go for civil services? So MBA is plan B
How did u do there ?

Q4. GK ones :
-any recent case going on in USA? Couldn’t recall

“You seem to be out of touch with US news”

Anyone u can compare with Trump in India?
Ans. Avoided Modi, went for Kangana Ranaut

Why so?

-Why is the globe tilted? a manufacturing defect?

Q5. What did u do at ZS?

Q6. U say your long term goal is a meaningful and fulfilling life … so u are non ambitious? Isn’t it?

Q7. Any recent books that u read(mentioned this in hobby)
Ans. mentioned Imagining India and Burning forests of Bastar(Nandini Sundar)

Follow up Q – has Nandini sundar been awarded recently? Couldn’t recall any – turns out won The Malcom and Elizabeth prize in 2017

Q8. Did u face any technical issues during this interview?

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