Impact of academics on CAT colleges(IIMs) selection

Many candidates wish to pursue MBA from the country’s best institutes but they face some problems. The problem they face is a lot of doubts regarding MBA selection keeping in mind their past performance in 10th, 12th, graduation and their CAT score. They know that these impact the final interview performance. Still, they are not clear how much it impacts and would they can get good colleges if they have poor academics. The answer is explained in the next paragraph.

Many good colleges including IIMs( Indian Institute of Management) call students purely based on the basis of the CAT percentile. Later, they conduct interviews and at last generate a final list based on the weightage given to different components like 10% for academics 10% for work experience, CAT scores, interviews, WAT etc. This figure depends on college to college. So, in this case, a student with poor academics can even perform well in other things and can compensate for the same.

In the top 6 IIMs BLACI – (IIM Banglore, IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Calcutta, IIM Lucknow, IIM Indore, IIM Kozhikode), they consider 10th, 12th and graduation scores while considering shortlist. The same is the case with 1-2 more IIMs. Rest, IIMs(IIM Trichi, IIM Shillong, IIM Ranchi etc.) which are shown in the list beloew do not consider any academic score while doing the shortlisting for further interviews. Still, they consider it at the time of final selection. One with average academics can perform exceptionally well in the CAT and interviews and still get a good IIM, IIT or some other college.

If one is targeting only the top 5-10 college, then one must think twice about poor academics. Otherwise, with some extra hard work one, can still enter into a good MBA college.

Here is the list for 2021 admission criteria of various IIMs.

iims shortlisting criteria
IIMs shortlisting criteria

Based on this list, one can get a very clear idea of the role of academics in the shortlisting process. This may change year to year but still not much.

Apart from it, one must not forget the final selection criteria. Here is the list of IIMs with different final selection criteria.

IIMs final selection criteria

One must carefully look at both the tables and then analyse based on their academics that they should be able to get the particular MBA college one is targetting.

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