MBA vs MTech ( Which to choose )

Generally, engineers after their graduation confuse between 2 options of higher studies, MBA (PGDM) or M Tech. Generally, they don’t have an interest as such in any but want to see as per the future scope. There is no clear answer to it as different candidates may have a different point of view to choose the best. Here is the comparison table between these 2 different paths (MBA vs MTech):-


High fees in good colleges.
Low Fees (You would be paid a stipend
per month in top colleges)
Admission through CAT exam valid for 1 yearAdmission through GATE exam valid for 3 years
Less scope of teaching after MBAMore scope of teaching after MTech
Duration can be of 1 year ( Executive MBA ), 2 years or in between2 years fixed duration
Advantage of having work experience in selection and jobNo advantage as such in MTech
Helpful to open up your own businessDoes not give any advantage to open your startup as such
CAT not useful to get any job in case of mind changeAlways an option to change MTech option to a job in PSUs after GATE in case of good scores)
B Tech ( IITs ) + MBA(top colleges) is a deadly combo that may help to reach at the top soonBTech and MTech in top IITs are equivalent. The same company allows both to sit together in placements.
No research opportunity after MBAResearch opportunity after MBA
CAT syllabus consists of aptitude which may be useful in other places in case.GATE syllabus would be related to the BTech stream and would not be useful in other areas in case of failure
Table showing MBA vs MTech (what to choose)

The above table shows the 10 points of difference between MBA ( PGDM ) and MTech that would definitely help one choose between the two as it would depend on one’s circumstances and thought process related to these points.

If one has a particular interest in technology, then one must definitely to MTech. If one has a particular interest in business type of roles, then one must do an MBA. Both, if done from a good college, would be beneficial in terms of good packages. Doing it from a low or medium level college would not be worth it until you are completely out of a job. MBA may give you management positions in which you have to supervise and manage things, whereas you would be doing technical things at higher levels in MTech. Also, after so many years of work experience, one can do an Executive MBA which is of only 1 year while no such concept in MTech.

comparision of mba and mtech

It would be straightforward to get a clear picture of both MBA and MTech, which may help one decide the winner of the MTech vs MBA race. For any more doubts, you can comment below.

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