Pattern: 34 questions Unlike VARC and LRDI, quantitative aptitude is one section where I would advise […]
Pattern: 34 Questions (24 RC + 10 VA) Reading Comprehension(RC) constitutes the bulk of this section […]
In any kind of Interview, the question which is surely asked by interviewers is What are […]
puerile meaning and trick
Meaning– childish, silly. Synonym – immature Antonym – Mature Trick – Puerile sounds like a pure […]
Here is the meaning and trick to learn malinger meaning in an easy way. Meaning – Fake […]
absolve meaning and trick
Meaning – to set free from an obligation or the consequences of guilt. Synonym – Pardon. […]
zippy meaning and trick
Meaning – very speedy Synonym – quick Antonym – slow Trick – Zippy sounds like zip files. Zip files are […]
mime meaning and trick
Meaning – Act without dialogue/words. Synonym – mummery Antonym – sing Trick – Mime sounds like a meme. A meme […]
abyss meaning and trick
Meaning – Extremely deep or bottomless hole or chasm. Synonym – Gulf. Antonym – Plain. Trick –Abyss sounds like Hindi […]
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