Pauper – Vocabulary, Trick(English+Hindi)

Here is the pauper meaning and trick to learn pauper meaning in an easy way. Meaning of pauper– a very poor person. Synonym – Bankrupt. Antonym – Wealthy. Trick – Pauper sounds like the hindi word "Papar". "Papar" is usually made of pulses and eaten with food. "Papar" is a very thin layer, very…

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Jaunty- Vocabulary Trick(English)

Meaning of jaunty – having or expressing in a self-confident manner and cheerful. Synonym of jaunty  – cheerful. Antonym of jaunty– sedate. Trick - The word jaunty sounds like John. John is a little boy who is always happy, cheerful and confident. See the above image. So, Jaunty means cheerful and happy.

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Gleam- Vocabulary Trick(English)

Meaning of gleam – shine birghtly. Synonym of gleam – radiance. Antonym of gleam – dimness. Trick - Gleam sounds like the word "cream". After applying beauty cream, girls' face shine for some time. So gleam means shine brightly. Return to Homepage

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Acrid- Vocabulary Trick(English)

Meaning of Acrid – strong and bitter smell. Synonym of Acrid – Unpleasant. Antonym of Acrid – Pleasant. Trick – Acrid sounds like acid, acid smells and tastes bitter and unpleasant. So acrid means bitter smell. Return to homepage

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Pristine- Vocabulary Trick(English)

Meaning of Pristine – fresh and very pure. Synonym of Pristine – Primitive. Antonym of Pristine – Exotic. Trick – Pristine sounds like priest. A priest is considered pure soul/person. So pristine means pure. Return to Homepage

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Moribund- Vocabulary Trick(English)

Meaning of moribund – at the point of death. Synonym of moribund – expiring. Antonym of moribund – thriving. Trick – Moribund sounds like hindi word "Muh band(closed mouth)". Suppose a person whose mouth and nose is closed with plastic and is not able to take breathe is on the point of death,…

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Libertine- Vocabulary Trick(English)

Meaning of libertine – any person who indulges in sensual pleasures without any regard to moral principles freely. Synonym of libertine– Adulteror. Antonym of libertine – saint. Trick – Libertine sounds like liber teen. The teenagers which are given unlimited liberty(free to do anything) becomes libertine and do bad/unsocietal work. So libertine means…

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Strife- Vocabulary Trick(English)

Meaning of strife- bitter conflict. Synonym of strife- discord. Antonym of strife - concord. Trick - Strife sounds like strong wife. When a wife is strong, mostly conflicts arise between husband and wife. So strife means bitter conflicts. Return to homepage

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Strengths and weaknesses for Interviews

In any kind of Interview, the question which is surely asked by interviewers is What are your Strengths and weaknesses, the best answer is to give a genuine answer, what you feel. Strength, no doubt can be clearly identified but remember, the interviewer may ask about instances when you showed…

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