abhor meaning and trick
Meaning – Hate Synonym – loathe, despise Antonym – love Trick – Abhor sounds like ” […]
This article is contributed by Anil Saha I am an IIM C Alumni. I am sharing […]
ferocious meaning and trick
Meaning – very great, extreme. Synonym – intense, powerful. Antonym – weak. Trick – Ferocious sounds […]
audacious meaning and trick
Meaning – Bold. Synonym – Daring, brave. Antonym – Timid. Trick – Audacious sounds like AUDI, […]
retaliate meaning and trick
Meaning – to take revenge Synonym – reprisal Antonym – remission Trick – Retaliate sounds like […]
tramp meaning and trick
Meaning – a person who travels from place to place on foot in search of work […]
analogy meaning and trick
Meaning – Ease of moving. Synonym – movability, portability. Antonym – viciousness. Trick – Mobility sounds […]
belittle meaning and trick
Meaning – discourage Synonym – disparage or depreciate Antonym – encourage Trick – Belittle sounds like […]
pacify meaning and trick
Meaning – Quell the anger, be calm. Synonym – Compose, placate. Antonym – Enrage Trick – […]
Horrendous meaning and trick
Meaning – unpleasant, horrible. Synonym – horrific, awful. Antonym – pleasant, soothing. Trick – Horrendous sounds […]
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