How to prepare for cat without coaching

A very common common question with uncommon answer, How to prepare for CAT without coaching? Is this even possible? The answer is yes. CAT is an easy level exam which does not require coaching like IIT JEE which are tough level exams, Now, we discuss the strategy to crack CAT without coaching. CAT is a strategy based paper not the answer based. With proper strategy you can score more than other candidates in less time.


Start attempting CAT mocks once you complete 50% of the syllabus. Do not wait for all your syllabus to be covered. Full syllabus would never happen. In english section there is not concept of full syllabus. Just read some basic book strategies and you would get majority of the things.
Similarly for LRDI if you finish your basic material, still you would not imporve much. So better just see every topic by yourself for basic understanding and you would be able to apply that in LRDI section of mocks.
For quant, you would not be able to do all questions even if you know them all how to solve. So don’t worry, start giving mocks even when you do not know much in quants. Doing only those topic questions which you have covered would still lend you good score.
Do not take mocks repeatedly without analyzing. Analyze the given mock then only give another.

Ideal strategy for attempting each section.

how to prepare for cat without coaching

I hope, you got the answer to the question,”How to prepare for CAT without coaching”.If you still face any problem or issues or have any questions, you can comment below. We will solve your issue as soon as possible.

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