Quantitative Aptitude strategy- CAT

Pattern: 34 questions

Unlike VARC and LRDI, quantitative aptitude is one section where I would advise you to first clear basics of each chapter and then move to solving the sectionals and mocks.

How to practice

Start with a chapter. Study all the important formulae and practice the typical types of example problems. Make sure to keep a note of formulas and the important problems that you could not solve in the first attempt. Refer it from time to time. Once you have completed all the chapters, start attempting full length mock tests.

Topics (in order that I preferred to complete)
• Percentages

• Ratio & proportion


• Number System

• Algebra

• Probability/PnC

• Geometry/Mensuration/Trigonometry

Some tips:

• Make sure to keep a note of important formulas and problems. Will be useful in revising it later.
• Understand your strengths and attempt the easy questions first. Solve it in two stages. In the first stage, you should try to solve 15-20 easy-medium questions in 30-40 minutes. Go for the other questions in stage 2.
• Do not waste more than 3 minutes on any problem. (In the first stage pick up sums that can be solved within 90 seconds)
• Make a note of every new type of sum encountered in a mock. Revisit those sums when you
are revising the chapter
• Analyze the mock to ensure which type of sum you are taking time in and where your accuracy is low. Try to improve on those sums or be careful next time when you have similar

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