Should one join MBA this year? (Covid Situation)

There is a very common confusion among candidates that they should join MBA ( or PGDM for IIMs) this year or not as the second wave of COVID – 19 is going on and the third wave is still to come in nearby months. With COVID some new varieties of diseases like black fungus, white fungus, the yellow fungus are also persistent in the country. With this, it is clear that even if your colleges call you on campus soon, you would be having online classes at least for the next 6-12 months. If someone is pursuing an Executive MBA, he/she may complete the MBA in online mode.

Everything is online now even jobs. So, there is no need to panic in online mode. Online is the new normal nowadays. MBA value depends on a particular college providing the course. MBA is bad every time if you are from 3rd class college.

The market is down really but for jobs more than MBA people. People would get fewer increments these years, so rather than a disadvantage, there is the advantage of doing an MBA now. The salaries would also be incremented after some duration. You will get your degree after 2 years, not now. MBA will still be the demanding thing from top colleges as all the colleges would behaving in the same manner(online). So, no major advantage or disadvantage as such compared to other colleges.

MBA in 2021

Things where one may get a small disadvantage in online mode: –

  1. Missing the good MBA campuses.
  2. Live team Interactions.
  3. Enjoyment with friends.
  4. Full-time MBA at the cost of distance MBA.

Even in this year (2021) joining, some colleges called students after some months, but the classes were still going online sitting in their rooms. Some colleges started offline classes but later it shifted to online mode and students were sent to their homes when the second wave started. It is safer to be at home than to enjoy college in this pandemic situation.

One advantage of joining an MBA this time is the flexibility. You may not be mandated to attend online lectures, or you may be permitted to turn off the video as the case in various college nowadays. Therefore, along with studies you can work on any project, do something innovative as per your suitability, start a new startup etc. Even many students utilized this opportunity in 2020 corona time and the COVID time MBA has become a boon to them. Also, a lot of time is saved on travelling or physically going to classes, which can be utilized for doing courses or live projects. Not all students would think in the same way. You are lucky, you get an idea now the implementation part is upon you.

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