Saturnine – Vocabulary, Trick(English)

Here is the saturnine meaning and trick to learn meaning in an easy way. Meaning of saturnine– sad. Synonym – Morose. Antonym – Sanguine. Trick – Saturnine sounds like the word "Saturn nine". Imagine a person sleeping at nine and dreaming of reaching planet saturn alone. No one can hear him and he is…

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Pauper – Vocabulary, Trick(English+Hindi)

Here is the pauper meaning and trick to learn pauper meaning in an easy way. Meaning of pauper– a very poor person. Synonym – Bankrupt. Antonym – Wealthy. Trick – Pauper sounds like the hindi word "Papar". "Papar" is usually made of pulses and eaten with food. "Papar" is a very thin layer, very…

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Jaunty- Vocabulary Trick(English)

Meaning of jaunty – having or expressing in a self-confident manner and cheerful. Synonym of jaunty  – cheerful. Antonym of jaunty– sedate. Trick - The word jaunty sounds like John. John is a little boy who is always happy, cheerful and confident. See the above image. So, Jaunty means cheerful and happy.

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Gleam- Vocabulary Trick(English)

Meaning of gleam – shine birghtly. Synonym of gleam – radiance. Antonym of gleam – dimness. Trick - Gleam sounds like the word "cream". After applying beauty cream, girls' face shine for some time. So gleam means shine brightly. Return to Homepage

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Acrid- Vocabulary Trick(English)

Meaning of Acrid – strong and bitter smell. Synonym of Acrid – Unpleasant. Antonym of Acrid – Pleasant. Trick – Acrid sounds like acid, acid smells and tastes bitter and unpleasant. So acrid means bitter smell. Return to homepage

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Pristine- Vocabulary Trick(English)

Meaning of Pristine – fresh and very pure. Synonym of Pristine – Primitive. Antonym of Pristine – Exotic. Trick – Pristine sounds like priest. A priest is considered pure soul/person. So pristine means pure. Return to Homepage

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Moribund- Vocabulary Trick(English)

Meaning of moribund – at the point of death. Synonym of moribund – expiring. Antonym of moribund – thriving. Trick – Moribund sounds like hindi word "Muh band(closed mouth)". Suppose a person whose mouth and nose is closed with plastic and is not able to take breathe is on the point of death,…

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Libertine- Vocabulary Trick(English)

Meaning of libertine – any person who indulges in sensual pleasures without any regard to moral principles freely. Synonym of libertine– Adulteror. Antonym of libertine – saint. Trick – Libertine sounds like liber teen. The teenagers which are given unlimited liberty(free to do anything) becomes libertine and do bad/unsocietal work. So libertine means…

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Strife- Vocabulary Trick(English)

Meaning of strife- bitter conflict. Synonym of strife- discord. Antonym of strife - concord. Trick - Strife sounds like strong wife. When a wife is strong, mostly conflicts arise between husband and wife. So strife means bitter conflicts. Return to homepage

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