Answer to the question “WHY MBA”?


Answer to the question "Why MBA"?

"Why MBA?" is a question which is very commonly asked in interviews. So, one must be prepared for it, before going to the interview.
The best answer to this question is spend some time for introspection and look in your inner heart of to find the purpose of doing MBA. Many would definately get it.
There would still be many who are not clear about his/her goal but doing MBA because of good packages or family pressure. I would definately recommend them to think once again because MBA is a very costly course. If you are still sure to do an MBA degree, I will definately help you to answer this question.
Some of the answers which people can use as a base or mix some of them to get what they want to express are below in different tabs.


Apart from just Why MBA question, there may be many follow up questions which are given below. One must be prepared for it well to have a marvellous interview.

1. Why don’t you pursue your career goals by what you are doing already?

2. Why MBA from this college?

3. What specific skills you want to learn from an MBA?

4. What are your expectations from an MBA as a student?

5. How you can be beneficial for your batchmates?

Panels taking interviews very well know that you are doing an MBA for money or good position. They want how better you can explain to them with the magic of your words. If you have all the related answers to what you are answering, you will do very well in the interviews.

Here are the skills which generally MBA provides to students. These skills can be used to answer questions about doing an MBA if you can gain some useful details and relate things in your own way.


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