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A career in the merchant navy is a career full of adventure with big trips to interesting and adventurous places. Merchant Navi deals with transporting cargos and sometimes passengers by the sea. The excellent salaries and other perks with the job make it an attractive and exciting career despite all the hard work life and long absence from family and home. Choosen candidates are generally employed by shipping companies on a contract basis of five to eight months. The major positions open in the merchant navy are for radio officers, navigating officers and marine engineers.

A career in the merchant navy requires candidates to have a passion for adventure and also a liking for isolation, and ready to live apart from their loved ones for long period of time. Those opting for a career should not be having seasickness. Earlier a career in this field was considered fit for men and not for women but in the past few years women have also started taking jobs as ship doctors, deck officers, engineering officers and radio officers.

A Navy Ship.


1. Merchant Navy is a kind of engineering, so it requires a PCM degree(Physics, Chemistry, Maths) in class 12th.
2. Those wanting to join must be unmarried Indian Citizens(male or female).
3. Candidate should also pass a medical fitness test and should have 6/6 eyesight with no color-blindness
4. Candidates must complete the ship training course before joining.

Application Procedure

After completion of 12th class, students may appear for the the All India Merchant Navy Entrance Exam or Indian Maritime University Common Entrance Test (IMU CET). This exam is generally conducted in the months of May-June. Some other exams that can also lend you in this career(Marine Engineering) are JEE, TIMSAT, MERI Entrance Exam.

Theses entrance tests generally ask questions related to Physics, chemistry, maths, english, G.k, aptitude. One must also have at least 60 percentage in 12th for eligibility.

Related Courses

1.B.E. Harbour & Ocean Engineering
2.B.E. Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering
3.B.Sc. Marine Catering
4.B.E. Mechanical Engineering
5.Electro-Technical Officer Course
6.B.Sc. Marine Catering

Some best colleges

1.Tolani Maritime Institute, Pune
2.AMET, Chennai
3.IMI, Noida
4.MERI, Kolkata
5.MANET, Pune
6.SIMS, Lonavala

Merchant navy operations.

Salary in Merchant Navi

In the Merchant Navy, the salary range can be anywhere between Rs.15000 to Rs.7 lakhs per month. The pay package differs from company to company, place to place, seniority, the export-import needs, seniority, etc. Apart from it crew members and officers are given free meals on board and senior officers can take along their wives and children for the tour. The best part of the job is that salary of the merchant navy is not taxable. Many other benefits like 4 month holiday in a year are provided to middle and senior-level officials.

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