MBA Committees and their importance

Just after joining the MBA, students would have the option to enrol for various MBA committees. Their seats are quite less, so students need to compete for these positions. We will discuss fully it in detail.

MBA committees are very important from the students’ point of view but the main thing is the process occurs just in the starting so students are not able to recollect much information about it. Prior information is really needed to take a proper decision. Let us talk about the different committees, although they may vary from college to college.

  • Placement committee – It is a very common committee in every college. It takes care of all placement related work, contacting companies and looking for procedures for placement. In MBA students do all this work against in undergraduate where we see separate persons are there to do this. This is the most important committee as the students joining it gets a lot of benefits. Some of these are
    • Personal contacts in companies.
    • Information of domain-specific companies coming even before other people.
    • Respect and help from others, as you would be the boss(placement is the important thing)
various mba committes

  • Cultural committee – This committee may be named by different names across colleges. But, this would be responsible for managing different cultural events online or offline. This may sometimes also invite many different senior persons to give some practical experiences of the industry. Once again this may increase the relationship with companies and would prove to be a boon for students.
  • Social Media committee – This committee handles all the social media accounts and make posters, posts etc. to reach others. This may give students a lot of practical experience which may help you.

There are various other committees. Although, these committees may get you an edge in placements by showing your position of responsibility one must ensure that he/she may be able to manage the work along with studies. For some queries, please comment below.

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