Get a good job in computer science engineering(5 Steps)

Getting a good job is a combination of hard work and strategies of where and how to work. Getting a job in computer science engineering is not a very difficult task as there are enormous companies hiring for computer science graduates. Companies are looking for good students. Therefore, it is your responsibility to become the student company wants. The following things you should kept in mind from initial years of engineering to get a good job.

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Marks don’t matter much – Students generally spend their time on studying different subjects and score perfect marks. But, still they are not hired. Because, companies want the skill that can help them to do their work. Marks are generally for initial screening and in less marks you can pass the screening. Around 70 percent marks would be perfect and no one would care for your marks higher than that. Still, if you can score more, it would be good.

Start practicing previous year interview questions – Because, questions almost repeat themselves in the interviews. So you should prepare them thoroughly. Geeks for Geeks is a very good site for that.

strategies to get good job in computer science

Practicing coding is a must – You should spend 1 hour daily on coding and believe me, you may get triple what an average fresher is earning.

BELIEVE IN YOURSELF – Do whatever you want. If you are not interested in coding, leave it, you can do management courses or you can choose other jobs in computer science like machine learning, data science. Today, computer science is not limited to coding and programming.
If you follow all these steps properly, you would definitely get a good job in computer science engineering. For any doubts, you can comment below.

Make a project by yourself – Interviewers are generally interested in your project work. So do it by yourself in a team and know every information about that. You would benefit a lot from this work. Henceforth, you should not buy any project from outside or copy it from the internet, because that would make your loss.

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