CAT 2021 (MBA) preparation – Questions

In this article, we will discuss how to prepare for CAT 2021 by common questions asked to us by mail and then we will discuss the new tricks for CAT 2021 preparation.


Is it mandatory to practice on computer for CAT preparation?

Yes, it is mandatory to practice on the computer for CAT through mocks and sectional test. In a real exam, you would be looking at the screen for hours and you have to practice for that. You have to look at the question on the screen and then solve it in the sheet which itself is quite different from just reading and solving on the same exam sheet. Moreover, you have to scroll while reading passages, mark the question. Go back to the question, all these things are quite different from conventional exams. So you have to practice. You can buy mocks from any coaching centre. They all would be online.

I want ebooks to prepare for MBA entrance, how can I get it?

Arun Sharma and various other books are quite easily available online. You can download for free and prepare. You can contact us for more content and will give you.

Is Takshzila Shikshak paid course good for preparing cat?

Frankly speaking, it is up to a student to prepare. Even students do it without coaching on their own. Also, a lot of material is available online. Now, everything depends on a student who is preparing. So, you can take any course. In case you want any material you can contact us. We will help you for free.

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Is CAT preparation enough for TANCETexam?

The answer is Yes. The majority of the syllabus is the same. So, if you have prepared well for CAT, you can do well in TANCET. A different portion is business analysis, which you have to go through to get an idea of how to solve. Also, go through the previous year TANCET papers and solve them to get familiar with the difficulty of the exam.

I am in graduation 1st year. How should I do the preparation?

Purchase Arun Sharma or any other book or coaching material for CAT. Coaching material won’t give you many tricks, they taught it generally in classes. So, better to buy some books along with. Start reading the concepts and then solve each and every question given 1 by 1. Don’t look for solutions until you try.

I have not prepared for CAT so can I solve the previous year’s question paper will it be helpful for me to increase my percentile in CAT?

Yes, definitely you will. When you would get an idea of the exam pattern, on solving the previous year papers your mind would become ready to handle that difficulty and manage time in that way. It is similar to taking mocs which is an integral part of MBA preparation.

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TRICK to crack CAT 2021 exam

CAT exam is less of hard work and more of smart work. You can study 5 times more than others but still, others may do better than you. The trick is in the CAT exams, don’t do the questions blindly. Spend a little bit of your time at the start of the exam to find out which questions are easy and you should attempt them in 1st go. Secondly, mark the questions which you feel you know the concept a bit, but has to think. At last, do the questions which you don’t have much idea. They may take a lot of your time but still, you may be able to do them. Don’t try for questions for which you have no idea. Leave it, leaving them is a step of your success. At last, BEST OF LUCK for CAT 2021 preparation.

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