Important WAT topics for interview

WAT(Writing Ability test) is an essential component of admission into a good MBA college. You may score very good marks in CAT exam but if you are not prepared for further process, you may not get your dream college. Many people call it as academic writing also. Many good colleges have this component. You would know it after the college has released interview calls. WAT most probably can be conducted online in the corona situation. In the WAT process, you would be given a topic on which you have to write an essay in the given time frame. The time frame may vary on college management’s wish. But, you would be informed about that. You must be fully prepared for any time frame. Generally, for IIMs process, WAT is included in the process. Here are some of the important WAT topics for MBA or any other interviews in 2021.

Important WAT topics

WAT preparation

1. Black or Grey?

2. ‘Digital India’ – How far was it a success?

3. 10% Quota for Economically weaker people in General Category – Good or Bad?

4. Co-education (Mixed gender education) – Pros & Cons.

5. Are Big Dams Necessary?

6. Impact of Corona on our Indian economy.

7. India-US relations – Impact of election result.

8. Work from Home – Good or Bad?

9. Role of NGOs in India.

10. Challenges in the IT industry.

11. The world does not need religion.

12. ‘Neighbourhood First’ policy.

13. 7th pay commission – Pros & Cons.

14. Is an MBA a rat race?

15. Should Environment polluters be severely punished?

16. Corruption in India.

17. Can India turn ‘Brain Drain’ into ‘Brain Gain’?

18. Are women rights misused?

19. Startup India Standup India: Success or Failure?

20. Is Globalization a Threat to Indian Culture?

21. Freedom is a myth.

22. Defence Budget 2019-20.

23. Digital payments in India.

24. MBAs do not make good business leaders?

25. Disaster Management in India.

26. Should Rapists be tortured?

27. EVMs or Paper Ballots?

28. Will artificial intelligence would take away jobs?

29. Mob lynchings in India.

30. Artificial intelligence – Cons and Pros.

31. Famous or Important – Abstract GD Topic.

32. Blockchain Technology – Pros & Cons.

33. E-Commerce – Sustainable business model?

34. Right to Education: Success or Failure?

35. Role of engineers in disaster management.

36. Co-education (Mixed gender education) – Pros & Cons.

37. Free WiFi Spots – Beneficial or not?

38. India-China relations.

39. SC/ST Act of India.

40. Impact of Social Media on youth

41. Citizen Amendment Bill is now CAA or Citizen Amendment Act.

42. Crimes against men(not women)in India.

43. How can tourism be improved?

44. Higher Education in India.

45. Nuclear Energy of India – Bane or Boon?

46. Fake News – Impact on society.

47. How India may become a superpower?

48. Russia–India relations.

49. Shanghai Cooperation Organisation.

50. Impact of movies on youth.

51. Impact of ‘Internet of Things (IoT)’ on our lives.

52. Roots & wings – Abstract GD topic.

53. Electric vehicles in India.

54. Flipkart-Walmart deal – Impact on India.

55.  Pros & Cons – NEET.

56. Should stray animals be killed?

57. Should women be punished for false rape cases?

59. How Indo-Pak relations can be improved?

Be prepared for these important WAT topics and start reading newspapers for better knowledge.

We have given tips of writing ability test and how to prepare for it in another article. Keep checking the articles for GDPI and WAT preparation for getting your dream MBA college. Wishing you best of luck for your final selection.

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