How to make a Resume

CV/resume for 1st year

Very often it is seen that you want to build your resume in 1st year in your graduation mostly engineering. Perhaps you want to get an internship opportunity or take opportunities from other places. But, you do not know what is CV exactly and what to be written in the CV so early in your career. So it is better to have quite a good knowledge of CV so as to get an edge over other students.

1.Knowing CV

CV is your full details on which some person would hire you or give an internship opportunity in your case. You should make a CV of 2 pages maximum, or if possible use only 1 page for that. It’s better if you use some inbuilt CV formats which can be easily found in Microsoft Word or you can find them on the internet.


In your case the headings which should be written are:-

Top:- Name, Email id, Mobile No., address(optional). Photo should not be put in CV in your case.

Skills:- You can mention something you have learned in your career or mostly it should involve the relevant skills related to a particular internship. You can also rank your skills out of 5 or use basic, medium, or advance in order to denote proficiency in your skill.

resume needed for hiring

Achievements:- In your initial college/ school time, whatever small you have achieved, write it on the CV. Make sure you have a certificate or some other proof to show at. You will be judged how active you are besides your studies. These achievements could be participation or winnings.

Training:- You can mention some training like Soft skill training, using Microsoft word, etc. so that it looks you are well trained in your skills.

Hobby:- As a fresher in the college you can mention your hobbies, but be genuine. Interviewers may ask relevant information from your hobbies, so be prepared for that.

Career Objective:- At the top, you can write your career goal if any or otherwise write something common like achieving great positions in little time.

Some Tips while writing Resume:-

  1. Be genuine, don’t show of more skills if you don’t have. Writing fewer skills is quite good. Just write everything you are skilled at and have some knowledge about that.
  2. Never use colored printing in your Resume. Black and white are the best for Resume/CV.
  3. Don’t do spelling mistakes in your resume, it leads a very bad impression.

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