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You must have heard, GDPI. Students and coaching institutes use this term combined for “Group Discussion and Personal Interview”. This is because traditionally only these 2 things happened as a process. Now, there may be any number and variety of process like some colleges have some kind of activity in which they check teamwork and other soft skills. It keeps changing every year depending on the college desires. The Personal Interview process is no doubt an important and common process in all the colleges. Last year, due to corona, some college left the PI part due to infrastructure issues but this year most probably no college will do the process without PI. As PI makes the selection process efficient, colleges get quality students which have a good attitude. This also benefits the college in the long term for branding purpose. In this article you may find detailed information about MBA interview preparation and MBA interview questions.

personal interview for mba

Now the question arises how to prepare for a personal interview. The answer is simple. Give some time to identify yourself and then think of genuine answers. The questions in the interviews can be predicted well.

There are three parts for an interview which one should focus on.

Self-identification and answering about self – The starting and the most important part of the interviews are questions about self. Questions like strengths, weaknesses, long term goals, short term goals, why MBA, why gap, role models and all such questions. The important thing is that you have to prepare for all these well in advance. You can not directly make answers in the interview room.

General Knowledge – You must have a general knowledge of the world, what is going on. It may be national or international but the issues would be very common, not very deep unnecessary questions. General knowledge part also involves knowing everything about your city, your state in terms of highest population, a bit of politics and all that.

Domain Knowledge – The domain knowledge consists of questions which are based on the course you did in the past(graduation and/or postgraduation) or the work you did in the company(for experienced people). Domain wise questions, you can find on our website itself.

personal interview tips

One must prepare for all these in advance. You can refer to previous years asked questions or other common questions on our website for most colleges to get an idea if you are new for it.

10 common MBA interview questions are:-

Tell me about yourself.

Why MBA?

Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses?

Your long term and short term goals?

Why gap year?

Difference between C and C++?

Your city comes in which part of U.P.(East, west)?

The number of Lok Sabha seats in your state.

What is the role of governor of the state?

What is the combustion point of wood?(domain specific)

MBA Interview tips

You should be well dressed. If you are well dressed with very clean clothes, shoe polished, attractive tie, proper hair cut and nails cut, you would clearly get an edge over those who may not follow this and leave a bad impression on the panel.

Be confident. Their may be many questions of which you dont have proper answer. Still, you should answer them confidently or confidenlty say that you are not sure of it but can try the answer. If you lose you confidence there, it would be a lot more worse than not knowing the answer.

Prepare for answers in advance and write them. As said earlier, write your answers on paper after making them with self realisation and you can email us your answers. You may refer our detailed MBA interview questions. We will check and get back to you with suggestions for free. We are a group of people from IITs and IIMs. You can not find anything better than that.

Give mock interviews. If you many interview experiences then it is fine. Othwerwise, it is preferred to have some mock interview in online/offline mode to have some rehersal before actual interview. You may contact us for that in case you are not able to find any.

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