Strategy to analyze CAT mocks

cat mocks analyze strategy

Mocks are an integral part of CAT preparation. Mocks are not just tests to check performance but they are useful to improve performance. Without giving mocks, it become almost impossible to dream for good IIMs. Buying test series from any good institute is fine, rest depends on your strategy to do well. A proper strategy to anaylse mocks is very important. So we have given some steps and tips to follow for analysing mocks.

After getting mock results  just open the test and try to attempt each and every question by yourself then check answers simultaneously. Do not read the solutions without solving them. At least give some time to each question, if you are not able to do, you can check solutions.


1.Do the RCs again. If you are not familiar with the topic, research some new things about the topic. So from next time you would be familiar with the topic.

2.Find the difficult words, write it down and revise.

3.Write down the tone type questions and revise.

4.For verbal mark the difficult questions to revise every week. Check solution for all questions as to why the answer is as given.


1.Attempt all sets, you were not able to do.

2.Identify the sets in which answers can be found using choices. Revise them every week.

3.Identify the sets that you found easy and should be attempted by you definately.

4.Identify the sets that you should revise every some days.


1. For quant check the tag of each question, if the question tag is "Easy" and you were not able to get it correct, note the topic. Again, after some time revise all the concepts and do basic practice of that topic.

2.For medium level, if you did it wrong and you find some new concept write the concept in your notebook. If you are able to find the correct answer, still, check the solution and compare if any new short method is available for this question. If yes, try to understand it.

3. If you are not getting any difficult question and the solution is long and new concept, you can leave it, in actual CAT enough easy and medium questions would be there to solve.

4. Note down shortcuts and revise them.

A piece of advise

NOTE - Students try to focus on CAT mocks but forget the revision. Revision is more important than giving mocks. Give mocks, also revise important questions from mocks every week or every 15 days. Giving test and then forget all the mistakes is not beneficial. You should give mocks once a week or may miss it some weeks. But, analysing and revising is a must after every mock.

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