interview preparation - Tell me abut yourself
Interview is an important part of getting a good job or admission into colleges(B schools and […]
WAT(Writing Ability test) is an essential component of admission into a good MBA college. You may […]
personall interview for mba
You must have heard, GDPI. Students and coaching institutes use this term combined for “Group Discussion […]
defend gap year in mba
Thie most common question which students ask and is feared of – “How does gap year […]
saturnine meaning and trick
Here is the saturnine meaning and trick to learn meaning in an easy way. Meaning of saturnine– […]
pauper meaning and trick
Here is the pauper meaning and trick to learn pauper meaning in an easy way. Meaning of […]
Meaning of jaunty – having or expressing in a self-confident manner and cheerful. Synonym of jaunty  – cheerful. […]
Meaning of gleam – shine birghtly. Synonym of gleam – radiance. Antonym of gleam – dimness. Trick – Gleam sounds […]
Meaning of Acrid – strong and bitter smell. Synonym of Acrid – Unpleasant. Antonym of Acrid – Pleasant. Trick – Acrid […]
Meaning of Pristine – fresh and very pure. Synonym of Pristine – Primitive. Antonym of Pristine – Exotic. Trick – Pristine […]
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