How to prepare for Aptitude(5 tricks)

What is Aptitude

Aptitude is a very important thing for most of the exams. Be it bank exams, MBA entrance exams, police exams, Olympiad exams aptitude exams are required. Aptitude syllabus may change from one exam to another. But, majority of the syllabus is the same.
It consists of 3 things:

  1. Quantitative ability( basic mathematics)
  2. General English passages and Grammer
  3. Puzzles

How to prepare for these

  1. Download free Arun Sharma books for CAT. CAT is basically an aptitude test for MBA exams. These books are available for free to download from the internet. If you prepare from these books you will easily be able to solve problems with shortcuts and exercises given in the book. You can search them on Google.
aptitude test

  1. Practise daily for 2 hours – Practising is needed to qualify any exam. Not only this, aptitude requires small practice but daily so that your mind may become habitual of this type of thinking. So practise small but daily. This is called 1% rule.Thus, improve yourself daily by 1 percent in any field and see yourself after 6 months.

  1. Increase your vocabulary with fun – There are many youtube channels which teach vocabulary learning techniques with fun and excitement. You can watch these videos in your free time while travelling or bed. Learning vocabulary is a must for aptitude. Directly, you may be asked meanings or you may be asked to solve some passages, which may require you to understand meanings.
  1. Join different WhatsApp and telegram groups, ask doubts there. Solve others doubts, share your methods and this would benefit to all. You can find these groups from quora or other websites. You can create your own group and put somewhere on the internet so that others will join.
  1. Use less mobiles – Using mobiles with a limited time period may improve your brain and your ability to solve aptitude question should definitely increase.

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