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Are you a student who wants to learn something new in this lockdown so that in the future you would get a decent job or are you a guy who has completed his studies and stuck in this lockdown without a job? You should try Accenture free online courses.

Courses help you to boost your profile/resume and increase your chances of getting a good job. The thing is one must have some knowledge of the course also not just the certificate is itself sufficient. So, here are free online courses from ACCENTURE, one of the famous companies worldwide.

accenture free courses

You can learn some new skills related to your field or something different so that you would be out of the crowd after the lockdown. Although learning is the main key thing that is most helpful in the interviews and job but still if you have a certificate from a well-known company/organization you would be preferred to others. In this lockdown, ACCENTURE is providing you with this opportunity to complete its short term courses and get certified by them. These certificates you can mention in your resume to get a good job.

accenture certificate free with free course.

These coursesa are listed below

1.Artificial Intelligency

2.Mobile digital skills

3. Retail digital skills

4. Web Analytics

5. User Experience

These courses are generally of 8-10 hours and you can do it easily.

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Hope this article would help you for achieving something great. Also, keep updated with this website for some more courses from the best organizations.

Note:- This is a lockdown offer given by Accenture for great learning. So, enroll as soon as possible before the course gets removed from free access and certification. For any doubts or if you are facing any issue with enrollment, you can comment below and we will try to solve your issue as soon as possible.

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We hope you will enjoy your accenture free online courses.

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