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People say that reading books especially self-improvement should be an integral part of one’s life. One should read self-improvement audiobooks to be successful. Even success is a term that is not clear to people. So reading them are important. But, in a busy life, it will take months to read a single book. So what is the solution, the solution is audiobooks.

These audiobooks are in English commonly but are also in Hindi now in a big number. So these audiobooks are not podcasts but full-length audios of proper and popular books. These audiobooks are not the audio of what is written in the book but is in an easy and understandable manner.

10 famous self-improvement books ( audibles ) which you can listen for free:-

free audiobook the 5 am cub
  1. Power of subconcious mind
  2. The Secret
  3. Time Management
  4. The Goals
  5. Auto Biography of a Yogi
  6. Eat that frog
  7. 5 AM Club
  8. The One Thing
  9. The Alchemist
  10. The Power of Now

You can find many more audibles from the tricks we are telling you further.

Audible – Audible is an Amazon platform giving a 1-month free trial. You will get 1 credit to purchase 1 audiobook that would be with you for a lifetime. The trick here is you can listen to a full audiobook and then return it even after full listening to it in the setting option and purchase another audiobook. You can do it multiple times. The second trick is that you can use app cloning apps and make multiple accounts and get free audiobooks for months. A combination of both tricks is super.

Youtube – The trick here is the keywords you enter. You have to search like “The Goals full-length audiobook in Hindi“, otherwise you will get just summaries of a few minutes on top without these keywords. You will find the majority of audiobooks in this way for sure.

From Amazon’s audible you can get names and descriptions of all self-improvement audiobooks which you can use to search on other platforms like Youtube. Without the names, you can not find most of the good audiobooks.

Spotify – Very few people know but you can find full-length audiobooks on Spotify for free as a podcast. Again the game is of keywords. You have to write full-length audiobooks and you will get a lot of audiobooks even in Hindi and in English too. – Here you get 30 day free trial for unlimited books. But these books are in English only. So keep this as a last option.

You would get almost all audiobooks from the first 3 options for free. Do comment if you are not able to find any.

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